Marriage Matters

He says: We should put our son in a group home

Our son is a good candidate for an adult group home, and I think we should consider it for him so he is settled somewhere before we die. Karen disagrees. It’s causing a rift between us.

She says: He’s happy at home with us

We have a loving home and our son is happy here. I think he should stay until we are no longer able to care for him. I don't understand why Jim doesn't see that.

He says: "I don't want to feel guilty about not going to mass"

I go to Mass on Christmas and Easter with Marybeth. But, I really don’t feel the need to go the rest of the year. I don’t appreciate Marybeth making me feel like a bad person or a bad Catholic because I don’t go to Mass.

She says: I'm sad he is not beside me in the pew at church

I go to Mass every Sunday, and I wish Sam would go with me. I really love our parish, and it bothers me that Sam doesn’t really practice his faith. How can I invite him to come to Mass without making him upset?

She says: All we ever do is argue

He Says: She is blowing this out of proportion

I think Jenny is blowing this way out of proportion. I’m stressed from work, and if she could just cut me some slack and stop nagging about every little thing, we’d be fine. We’re certainly not at a point we need the interference of an outsider. Marriage counseling is for people at the brink of divorce, and that’s not us.

He says: The kids moved out, and now she's never home

Our youngest child just moved out! I was looking forward to having more relaxing time with Pam. But she seems to be gone all the time. I’m feeling more alone than I expected at this time of our lives.

She says: I just want to stay active in the community

I really miss all the kids’ activities, and I’ve realized all of our friendships revolved around them. I am trying to stay active in the community so I don’t turn into a recluse – which is what I think Jack is looking for. 

He says: We should invite our son’s roommates for Christmas

Our son’s college roommates don’t have anywhere to go for Christmas, because their parents live too far away. I want to invite them to our Christmas dinner, but Terri says, “No way!”

She says: It’s the only time our family is all together

Christmas is my favorite holiday – and it’s the only time we are all together as a family. I know it sounds selfish to Phil, but I really don’t want strangers here during this special time.


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