Marriage Matters

She says: He won’t take his depression meds

Jim has been diagnosed with depression, and has been prescribed medication to treat it. But Jim won’t stay on the meds long enough to find out if they work. Does “sickness and health” also include stubbornness?

He says: I don’t like the side effects

I tried the medications, and I didn’t like the physical side effects, which are apparently pretty common. I can try beating this on my own, if Lindsey will just be a little more patient.

He Says: I don’t find her attractive anymore

I don’t find Cathy attractive anymore. She’s really let herself go, and I don’t feel any interest in being romantic. If she’d change, maybe things would be different, but, right now, I don’t see how our relationship can continue.

She Says: What happened to “for better or worse”?

“Letting myself go” means that I gained a little weight with my two pregnancies. And my hair is gray instead of blonde. Ryan is showing some age himself, but very little affection or love for me. What happened to “for better or worse”?

He Says: I want her to use NFP exclusively

Matt: I have come to a fuller understanding of the Church’s understanding on birth control, and I want Allison to stop taking the pill and use NFP exclusively.

She Says: I don’t want to risk getting pregnant right now

Allison: Easy for Matt to say – he isn’t the one who will get pregnant. We agreed to use the pill before we got married and I see no reason to change now. I don’t want to risk getting pregnant any time soon.

What do they do?

Sometimes you have to compromise in marriage, but not when it comes to sin.

We need to eat healthier food

She Says: I have an ongoing struggle with my weight – and the holidays are particularly hard.

I wish Andrew would be more supportive when I try to avoid all the fattening foods at his family’s Christmas dinner.

He Says: She is obsessed with dieting

My mom goes to a lot of trouble to make all the holiday favorites at this time of year – I know they’re not on Cari’s diet, but couldn’t she let it slide for just one day?

He Says: "She is showing signs of dementia"

Dan Says: My dear wife, Susan, is beginning to show signs of dementia. I am at my wits' end - she won't get help and I don't know what to do.

She Says: "I just forget things now and then"

Susan Says: I forget a few things but I am not crazy! Why is Dan doing this to me?

What do they do?

As we age, there are bound to be some forgetful moments because our brain chemistry changes over time. We like to think of it as nature’s way of slowing us down in our multi-tasking lifestyle. 

She Says: His parents seem to hate me at times

Justin’s parents really seem to hate me at times. They ignore me at dinners and talk over my head as if I am not there because I disagree with them politically. Do we really have to spend Thanksgiving with them?

He Says: They just don’t like her politics

Sarah is exaggerating. My parents don’t approve of her politics, true, but they don’t actually hate her. I think they ignore her because they don’t know what to say. These are my parents and I want to see them on the holidays. I think Sarah can buck up for a few days a year.


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