Marriage Matters

She Says: "I can't trust him anymore, so I don't see any other way."

Karen says: I am really happy that Josh got some counseling and is turning his life around. But his behavior made me feel belittled. I am ready for divorce.

He Says: "I want to save our marriage, but she wants a divorce."

Josh says: I have had some anger issues and have taken them out on my wife. She got tired of me yelling and asked for a separation. I have been in counseling and am a changed man. I want to save our marriage, but Karen wants a divorce.

He says: “I want to give my children whatever they need.”

She says: “We pay child support – that’s enough.”

Nicki says: Paul’s ex-wife gets generous child support from us, but doesn’t appear to use it to provide for the children. They show up with old clothes and worn-out shoes when they come for visitation. I don’t think we should spring for new winter coats and boots while they are with us – it’s costing a fortune.

She says: “Our house is full of his junk!”

Mary says: Tim is a hoarder – our house is beginning to look like one of those TV shows, and I can’t get my car in the garage. I don’t know if I can live like this – how can I get him to get rid of his stuff?

He says:“I’m a collector, not a hoarder.”

Tim says: I am a collector, not a hoarder. I know where all the elements of my collection are. For example, I have an amazing group of vintage surfboards in the garage; they just need a little sealing and waxing to be really valuable. Mary needs to lighten up.


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