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How should I prepare for a Skype interview?

I have a job interview coming up on Skype. What are some tips for interviewing well in this medium?

Pick an attractive and dignified setting. Find your best available room and make sure it’s visually appealing with nice lighting and background. It should look professional.

Keep it quiet. Make absolutely sure there are no distracting sounds like barking dogs or auto traffic (unless you’re applying to the Humane Society or an auto dealership).

My co-worker is interested in Catholicism

Q: One of my co-workers has indicated some interest in Catholicism. How can I evangelize him without violating my company’s no-proselytizing rule?

A: Well it doesn’t sound like you’re exactly Bible thumping and altar calling from your desktop.

What is the purpose of the no-proselytizing policy? I assume that the goal is to ensure a professional atmosphere free from the distraction and divisiveness that proselytizing can generate.

I can’t get a job because of a felony conviction

Q: I have a felony conviction for possession of marijuana—I was 18 at the time. Every time I fill out a job application, I feel as if I don’t even get an interview because I have to check the ‘yes’ box next to the question about convictions. How can I deal with this? I need to work!

A: Move to Colorado? You need to make the case for a reformed life at the same time you complete a job application. Craft a short but persuasive letter that makes the following points:

I think my co-worker is living out of his car

Q: One of my co-workers has had a few financial setbacks, and I think he’s living out of his car – I see it parked in a local grocery at all hours of the day, and it is filled with clothes and boxes. Is there some way I can help him without offending him?

A: Your question reveals your kindness – both in your desire to help (Christian charity) and your sensitivity to his feelings (respecting his dignity). Kudos to you on both counts.

Can I ask people to put their phones away at meetings?

Q: I am responsible for running a weekly workflow meeting in our office. During the meeting, the attendees are constantly needing to have information repeated that they missed because they were too busy checking email on their smartphones. This results in errors on projects and makes the meetings run longer than necessary. How can I approach my boss to request a moratorium on smartphone use during meetings – he’s the worst offender!

I'm out of the lunch clique

Q: I work in a small office, where all of the “old-timers” go to lunch every day. I feel left out. Isn’t this rude office behavior? Any advice for me?

A: Join them. I’ve found this maxim to be true – the more I focus on the difficult behavior of others, the more I tend to feel helpless, small-minded and irritable. The more I focus on making a positive difference, the more I feel large-minded, empowered and happy – even if my attempted contribution is a dud.


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