Discussion Guide June 2018

Discussion Guide
June, 2018

Marriage Matters

What do you remember as the most positive experiences of summers in your childhood?

What priorities do you both have for your children during their summer break? Discuss and prayerfully discern a plan to incorporate both of your priorities.

Grow+Go – Grow

Sheri Wolfert encourages us to have an attitude of gratitude. What is the first thing that comes to your mind about being thankful? Begin your day with Psalm 118 and write down this one thing. Try this for a month, adding another thing you are thankful for each day.

Grow+Go – Go

Brian identifies the importance of patience and charity in accompanying others on their journey to knowing Christ. How do you rate yourself on modeling these qualities when it comes to encouraging others to know Jesus? Read Luke 15:11-24 for inspiration on waiting to welcome someone “home” to Christ

Feature – Morgan Morrison

Morgan was initially drawn to Catholicism by his search for knowledge. Looking back on your life, what first motivated you to learn more about your faith and seek a relationship with Jesus? What has been the biggest help in growing in your relationship with him?


What do you find most difficult when shopping with your children? What is your most effective strategy for responding to their requests for treats?

Work Life

Which of the phrases suggested for replacing “I’m a procrastinator” is most appealing to you? To which tasks do you need to apply this change in attitude?

Cover – Ginger

What helped Ginger overcome the obstacles created for her because she had polio? What role did her faith play in overcoming them? In what ways can your parish support those who are challenged by physical accessibility?

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