Witness to Hope

Faith in Action

Mary Beth and John are ready to engage in new campaign

From providing assistance to diocesan and parish evangelization efforts to supporting Catholic education and everything in between, Mary Beth and John Pirich are excited about a new way to engage their Catholic faith.

“It’s a very comprehensive proposal and program,” says John. “We’ve always been a family of faith, and our faith is intertwined in our life on a daily basis. We believe in the message of Jesus Christ.”

Holy Spirit at work

Kathleen and Joe witness to their faith through capital campaign 

Kathleen and Joe Thorrez of Clarklake are ready to take their faith to a new level with the Witness to Hope campaign. This as an opportunity for them and the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Lansing to grow and strengthen.

“Our Catholicism is the basis of so many of our encounters, our beliefs, our roots,” Joe says. “It’s expressed not only in our families, but the way our parishes are part of the universal Church. It’s not an exclusive group, it’s all-inclusive.”

How we will Witness to Hope through our capital campaign

An interview with Bishop Boyea

What are the diocesan needs that have prompted the capital campaign?

The Church today is faced with many challenges – declining attendance at Mass on Sundays, and in participation in the sacraments, which are the instruments of God’s grace. It can be tempting to respond with pessimism and discouragement. But that is the work of the devil – and we are people of hope. We are called to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ, to be messengers of the Gospel and be faithful disciples.


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