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How do I love someone I can’t stand?

Dear Father Joe: I know Jesus says we have to love everybody, but I really can’t stand one of the people I work with; we simply can’t work together. I’ve prayed about it, but no matter how hard I pray, I get angry just thinking of them. How can I love them?

First things first, you are not alone! This is a very common problem that, I would imagine, everyone experiences at some point.

Teen issue of 
FAITH magazine used as a classroom tool

It takes a special person to work with middle-school kids, an age group that experiences rapid and complex changes to their entire being. Their emotions can see-saw from one minute to the next, and things that were simply accepted earlier in life are often questioned. These emotions are what Mary Margaret Utess enjoys about working with middle-school students. “When I began working with them in 1991, I was as scared of them as they were of me. I’ve come to enjoy the happiness and challenge of their honesty.

'You could feel God in the air'

Alexa wants to share the joy of FAITHFest with everyone

Dr. Alexa Vitek-Hitchcock, owner of Vitek Family Dentistry in DeWitt, first met Father David Rosenberg when he was referred to her dental practice by another priest.

“My family knew Father Dwight Ezop back when I was in high school,” says Alexa. “In 2010, he recommended me as a professional from a faith-filled family to Father Rosenberg, who was new to DeWitt at the time and looking for a dentist.”

GO Evangelize: Prayer is the backbone of evangelization

Paul Godfrey is in his fifth year teaching theology at Detroit Catholic Central, and is a parishioner at Christ the King Church in Ann Arbor. He invited his neighbor to Alpha.

Witness: Part of what Alpha has done for me is helped me realize that I need to be bold. I need to ask the Lord, “Who do you want me to invite today?” It’s a mind-set of witnessing – we’re meant to welcome everyone into Church and into relationship with Christ. It is good but challenging. It’s the open door that is there for anyone and everyone.

How can I help...?

Dear Fr. Joe: How can I help … my friend, coworker or neighbor who is in mourning?

Losing someone we love is such a painful thing, and your desire to help someone in a time of loss can be absolutely life-changing for them. I’ve had a lot of experience with people who are grieving the death of a loved one, and think I can be helpful here.


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