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How do you Live Like You’re a Temple of God?

With the first Sunday of Advent just over a month ago, the Church began its new year. Now, in January, we begin a new year from a secular framework. In both cases, we have been given a golden opportunity to take a look at our lives and ask ourselves some important and probing questions.

Think of this: We have just celebrated the reality that God loved us so much that he gave us his only Son! His son took on flesh, became like us in all things but sin. He knows our pain, our suffering and our losses. He knows!

St. Genoveva Torres Morales

Feast Day: January 5

Liberty is a perennial subject of concern in our society, but we don’t hear much about a certain type of liberty: spiritual liberty.

The life of St. Genoveva Torres Morales (1870-1956) of Spain was marked by hardship. By the age of 13, she had lost both parents and several siblings and suffered the amputation of her leg. Then, despite not being allowed to join the Carmelites of Charity due to her physical condition, she went on to found the Congregation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Holy Angels.

Why is the word ‘catholic’ in the Methodist Creed?

Dear Father Joe: Why does it say ‘catholic’ in the middle of the Creed in the Methodist church I attended recently for a wedding?

I’ve gotten no small amount of “creed questions,” especially since the release of the Mass translations in 2011.Your question will help us kick off a special column that I hope will help us understand the creed we say at Mass and the reasoning behind some of the changes. Let’s start with some history.

"Why Goodness Depends on God"

One of the commonest observations made by opponents of religion is that we don’t need God in order to have a coherent and integral morality.  Atheists and agnostics are extremely sensitive to the charge that the rejection of God will conduce automatically to moral chaos.  Consequently, they argue that a robust sense of ethics can be grounded in the consensus of the human community over time or in the intuitions and sensibilities of decent people, etc.

Profile of an evangelist

Why Lillah is a super volunteer

Lillah Olson’s faith is strengthened by her activity at the Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, and her parish is strengthened by her faith. She believes the more she gives of herself through active participation, the more her faith increases. The mutually enriching relationship begins with Mass.

“For me, daily Mass and Holy Communion is a top priority,” says Lillah. “I am so grateful to our pastor Father Steve Mattson and parochial vicar Father Mark Rutherford.”


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