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Find Time to Reach Out to Others

A few weeks ago, I came across an article that astounded me. You may have seen it. In January, a 15-year-old Pakistani boy was on his way to school with a cousin. A man stopped and asked the boys for directions to the school they were attending. They pointed to the school and the man went on. The 15-year-old then told his cousin that he thought the man was a suicide bomber and needed to be stopped. While others backed away, this young man challenged the bomber. He caught up to him and begged him not to detonate the bomb he was sure the man was carrying.

St. Bernadette

Feast Day: April 16

Every once in a while we are able to catch a vivid glimpse into the mind of God. When this happens, we see that God’s ways are not the world’s ways. The life of St. Bernadette (1844–1879) provides us with a stunning example of this.

Bernadette’s life is hardly the kind of story the world takes note of or celebrates. She was a frail child from an impoverished family in Lourdes, France, and yet St. Bernadette was chosen to receive and to communicate a great treasure to humanity.

Why Jesus is God: A Response to Bart Ehrman

Well, it’s Easter time, and that means that the mainstream media and publishing houses can be counted upon to issue de-bunking attacks on orthodox Christianity.  The best-publicized of these is Bart Ehrman’s latest book How Jesus Became God.  Many by now know at least the outlines of Ehrman’s biography:  once a devout Bible-believing evangelical Christian, trained at Wheaton College, the alma mater of Billy Graham, he saw the light and became an agnostic scholar and is now on a mission to undermine the fundamental assumptions of Christianity.  In this most recent tome, Ehrman lays out what

Profile of an Evangelist - Jen guides others to discipleship

Jen Brown’s work as coordinator of evangelization and discipleship for Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Lansing is her true calling. She finds joy helping parishioners discover how to use their talents to love Christ and share Jesus’ love with everyone every day.

“I never dreamed a job like this would be possible,” Jen says. “When I saw the job information, I thought, this is the job of my life.”

A Different Approach to Lent

In this season of Lent, I would like to ask you to consider a different approach to repentance, fasting and almsgiving. Notice, I said a different approach to the three pillars of the Lenten season. During this time devoted to understanding and answering the call to the New Evangelization, I have become aware of how many people have almost no idea of their dignity, their worth, their call as Christians.


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