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St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Feast Day: March 18

St. Cyril of Jerusalem (315–386) lived in a time of continuous conflict due to heresies and the enemies created by these heresies. Caught in the many power struggles between Arians (those who believed Jesus was not divine or one with the Father) and those remaining faithful to the Church’s teaching, Cyril was exiled multiple times from Jerusalem, where he was bishop. One period of exile from his native Jerusalem lasted 11 years.

Profile of an Evangelist - March 2014

Feeling the power of FAITH SHARING

Ed Welch, a member of St. Thomas Aquinas/St. John Student Center in East Lansing, participates in the Catholic faith-sharing group JustFaith, a program designed to explore the Church’s stance on social justice.

He believes the power of his faith-sharing group, JustFaith, makes a difference not only in his understanding of world needs, but also in his relationship with Christ. “The important part of the group is how our faith is at the bottom of it,” says Ed.

A Different Approach to Lent

In this season of Lent, I would like to ask you to consider a different approach to repentance, fasting and almsgiving. Notice, I said a different approach to the three pillars of the Lenten season. During this time devoted to understanding and answering the call to the New Evangelization, I have become aware of how many people have almost no idea of their dignity, their worth, their call as Christians.

Priest, Prophet and King

A classic characterization of Jesus is that he ispriest, prophet, and king.Aspriest, he sanctifies, that is to say, he reestablishes the lost link betweendivinity and humanity; as prophet, he speaks and embodies the divine truth; andas king, he leads us on the right path, giving guidance to the humanproject.You might say that, aspriest, he is the life; as prophet, he is the truth; and as king he is theway.

Why is the word ‘catholic’ in the Methodist Creed?

Dear Father Joe: Why does it say ‘catholic’ in the middle of the Creed in the Methodist church I attended recently for a wedding?

I’ve gotten no small amount of “creed questions,” especially since the release of the Mass translations in 2011.Your question will help us kick off a special column that I hope will help us understand the creed we say at Mass and the reasoning behind some of the changes. Let’s start with some history.


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