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A Roadmap for Our Life in Christ The Beatitudes, part II

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus gave us a roadmap for being his faithful followers. How do we best navigate this roadmap? Here are some guidelines:

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.

Hunger and thirst are powerful states. They indicate a need that demands to be satisfied. They are incessant, calling out for our attention continuously and in ever greater intensity through discomfort and pain. Ultimately, the price for failing to satisfy our hunger and thirst is death.

Parents the second time around

Tom and Angie are raising their three grandchildren – Kierstin, Kendra and Jacob – in Dexter. The family is part of St. Mary’s Parish in Chelsea. We asked Tom and Angie how their faith is helping them navigate parenthood the second time around.

“Tom and I have always felt that God only gives you as much as you can handle,” Angie says, “With the help of family, friends and the St. Mary’s community this certainly rings true.”

If You Don’t Pray Every Day, Start This Advent

We are in the Advent season and I have a proposal to make. The Year of Faith ended with the Feast of Christ the King – ended, but, in another sense, has just begun. I would like you to use this Advent season to begin to practice what a life of faith would look like. There is a book that has had a deep effect on my life and I want to introduce you to it – if you have not already read it – as a way to look at this Advent.

I hear there is a new Anglican rite, along with married priests. How does this work?

Dear Father Joe: I hear there is a new Anglican rite, along with married priests. How does this work?

You’ve got it right: there is a new Anglican rite in our Church that brings some married priests into our mix. How this happens is a testament to our belief in the power and beauty of truth – and it’s great stuff.

A roadmap for our life in Christ – The Beatitudes

As we now move into the “Third Pillar” of the Catechism, we will learn that the new dignity we discover in Christ calls us to lead a new life that is “worthy of the Gospel of Christ.”

This new life is the life of communion with God, or beatitude. Because this is the end for which humanity was created, this pillar of the Catechism explores both beatitude and the ways of reaching it.


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