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Lent is over, here’s how to focus on Easter

Before you read any further, go and get your Bible. First, read John 20: 1-29. If you don’t have a Bible, go out and buy one. It can be a small and inexpensive one. You need God’s word at hand all the time. You need access to it to learn to understand God’s mind and God’s perspective in all our daily personal relationships and activities. It is especially important during the time of major feasts because God wants us to be able to see how each feast we celebrate has a very particular message for us.

Strive for Perfection

Feast Day: March 2

St. Angela of the Cross (1846- 1932) founded the Institute of the Sisters of the Company of the Cross in Seville, Spain, and had established more than 20 convents by the time of her death. Known for her humility, Mother Angela, as she was called, lived a life of contemplative prayer and direct service to the poor. However, this is not to say the road to sainthood was easy for her.

This New Francis

I had an excellent vantage point for the presentation of Pope Francis to the world, for I was doing commentary for NBC News from a perch above St. Peter’s Square. I will confess that my initial impression was negative, not because he was a relative surprise or because he wasn't from the United States, but because, for more than a minute, he stood ramrod straight, hands at his side, and not smiling. I remember saying to his image on the TV monitor: “Do something!”  Then — praise God — the new Pope spoke, and he immediately won me over.

How can we forget that our son stole from us?

Dear Fr. Joe: Our son stole a lot of money from us. He has apologized, and we forgave him, but I don’t really feel I can trust him. What does forgiveness look like? Should I just move on and forget this happened?

I’m so sorry that this happened with your son. It is such a painful thing when people whom we love hurt us or let us down. I thank God for your response to this situation: forgiveness is a command from God to us and, like all of God’s commands, it is good for us. Let’s get right to it.

Let’s make Lent count!

In this Year of Faith, let’s make Lent “count” in a particular way. Let me explain: A lot of things go in and out of our minds, almost 24/7. The daily “traffic” is enormous: books, magazines, Internet, radio, iPhones, videos, personal conversations, music, disagreements and arguments, banal sitcoms, negative humor, ridicule of people, lies, verbal attacks on ourselves and others. Do we exercise any control over this barrage? We can, you know.

Read carefully this Scripture passage from Paul’s Letter to the Philippians:


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