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She Says: "I can't trust him anymore, so I don't see any other way."

Karen says: I am really happy that Josh got some counseling and is turning his life around. But his behavior made me feel belittled. I am ready for divorce.

He Says: "I want to save our marriage, but she wants a divorce."

Josh says: I have had some anger issues and have taken them out on my wife. She got tired of me yelling and asked for a separation. I have been in counseling and am a changed man. I want to save our marriage, but Karen wants a divorce.

DAILY BREAD for the body and spirit

During the holidays, we can be prone to overindulging between Christmas and New Year festivities. An excessive variety and quantity of food find their way to our tables, making their flavorful contributions to our merriment. I mean, what would Christmas be without the family feast? Ham? Eggnog? Pumpkin pie? Christmas cookies? Need I go on?

My co-worker drinks on the job. Should I do something about it?

Q. My office mate sometimes appears drunk at work, and I’ve smelled the distinctive odor of alcohol on him. Should I do anything?

A. You should, but it won’t be easy.

Drinking on the job is a serious offense. As his peer, you’re in a tough spot. I would recommend you follow St. Thomas Aquinas’ three-step prudence formula – Counsel, Judgment, Command (Ready, Aim, Fire)


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