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European seeds, American harvest

Thanksgiving is one of the most purely and authentically American of holidays. Outside of the United States, it is very seldom recognized. And yet, with its origins tracing to the earliest of European settlers, there are elements of the Thanksgiving harvest that stem from European customs that have been going strong since the Middle Ages.

The most notable link between the New World holiday of today and the customs of ancient Europe relates to the feast of St. Martin of Tours, held on Nov. 11.

He says: “I want to give my children whatever they need.”

She says: “We pay child support – that’s enough.”

Nicki says: Paul’s ex-wife gets generous child support from us, but doesn’t appear to use it to provide for the children. They show up with old clothes and worn-out shoes when they come for visitation. I don’t think we should spring for new winter coats and boots while they are with us – it’s costing a fortune.

Parents and Sports when the cheering goes overboard!

My son told me that he would rather I didn’t attend his baseball games because I get “too loud” when I’m cheering him on. What is the line between support and being one of “those” obnoxious parents?

When our children make comments like this it can be challenging. Is it simply the child showing a heightened sense of awareness of embarrassment over normal parental behavior? Or is there some truth behind the statement? It may be that you are simply a parent and that is enough to embarrass your son. On the other hand, maybe you have pushed the limit.


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