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Do we have to put our dog down because it bit a neighbor’s child?

My dog bit a neighbor’s child – it was the first time, and the kid was teasing him. Although the insurance company says the dog gets ‘one strike,’ our neighbors want our dog put down. What do we do with our beloved pet?

This is a no-win situation for everyone involved. I suggest a conversation between you and your neighbors. If possible, invite a mediator from the Humane Society to be present.

Parents and Sports when the cheering goes overboard!

My son told me that he would rather I didn’t attend his baseball games because I get “too loud” when I’m cheering him on. What is the line between support and being one of “those” obnoxious parents?

When our children make comments like this it can be challenging. Is it simply the child showing a heightened sense of awareness of embarrassment over normal parental behavior? Or is there some truth behind the statement? It may be that you are simply a parent and that is enough to embarrass your son. On the other hand, maybe you have pushed the limit.


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