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“What good does it do to be bitter?” Ginger’s faith has helped her cope with polio

“I was four years old, lying in my parents’ feather bed, burning with fever and unable to raise my head or legs. My dad scooped me into his arms, wrapped me in my pink blanket and carried me to Mom waiting in the car. But when we got to the emergency room at the University of Michigan hospital, the attendant turned us away.

Lansing-based FAITH Catholic is now America’s largest publisher of Catholic magazines

In 2000, Bishop Mengeling and Father Charlie Irvin started the magazine you now are reading – FAITH, the magazine for the Diocese of Lansing. FAITH was the brainchild of Patrick M. O’Brien, who developed the original concept as well as the business plan that grew FAITH into what is now America’s largest publisher of Catholic magazines.

Loving our baby Hope for as long as God gave us with her


Twenty weeks into their pregnancy, Jill and Zac Moon waited excitedly to learn their baby’s sex. Comfortably established in their careers – Jill a math teacher at Flint Powers High School and Zac a scientist for a medical laboratory – they were delighted to be starting their family. With grandparents-to-be, co-workers and much of the Powers Catholic family waiting for their news, Jill and Zac peered attentively at the ultrasound images before them.

For Ifeoma and Ike, ‘The value of a Catholic education is vital’

The Iyioke family table bridges the space between the living room and kitchen.

Walls just a few feet to the left and right showcase special memories captured in family photos.

On the west wall, Mom, Ifeoma, models a traditional Nigerian headdress. Dad, Ike, poses with his sons in their Sunday best outfits. Among the photos of each child, a white-robed Jesus laughs as boys and girls chase the soccer ball he deftly kicks along a playing field.


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