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Barb has found healing through Courage ministry

The hardest journey in life can be the work to link one’s heart and soul. Just ask Barb Sierra, who has spent most of her life connecting these two. Raised in Connecticut, Barb did not feel secure or special growing up. These feelings were complicated when, at an early age, she began to recognize her same-sex attraction. Confused and insecure, Barb was drinking heavily by the age of 19, and entered her first same-sex relationship. The relationship ended abruptly after 18 months.

Ryan witnesses to eighth-graders as a catechist

The invitation was simple

Ryan Adelman was a freshman in high school, and one of the youth ministers at his parish, David McHugh, invited him to a youth group paintball event. Not one to typically be involved in faith-related activities, Ryan joined simply for the fun of it. Despite enjoying the evening, Ryan ignored David’s subsequent invitations to join the youth group for Sunday night gatherings – until the lure of pizza won him over. What teenage boy can refuse free pizza? That night, Ryan began to think membership wasn’t all that bad, and started attending regularly.

'Prayer changes us' - Ruth knows the power of prayer

“I believe in miracles. That’s all I can say.” Ruth Pline has run out of ways to describe the power of prayer in her life and her experience leading the St. Jude Prayer Group in DeWitt. “I’ve had others say, ‘Oh my Gosh, I couldn’t pray myself, but I knew others were praying.’ That knowledge gave them a lot of peace in the face of terrible circumstances. “I know how they feel. At 13 years old, our daughter, Rachelle, was riding her bike in our neighborhood when she was hit by a pick-up. The truck rolled her under its carriage, then threw her out sideways.


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