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Looking out at the sky and thanking God, Bayley keeps her faith life fresh

When it comes to growing in faith life, Powers Catholic High School senior and Holy Redeemer, Flint, parishioner Bayley Bauchan knows the importance of looking to the unknown. As a Steubenville veteran, new leadership camp attendee, and one who is pursuing a Catholic career, Bayley is constantly on the lookout for the next opportunity to grow in her faith life. The Steubenville conference has been instrumental in her growth, and while she has attended more than once she says that each year holds unique value.

From abortion clinic to a place of healing

Cecilia makes a difference for women

Action-oriented. This one phrase sums up Cecilia Tombelli’s persona. Her mission? From death to life. Cecilia’s mission was nothing less than transformation of an abortion clinic into a place of healing and new life.

How did Cecilia, Father Steve Mattson, pastor of the Church of the Resurrection, and the Diocese of Lansing bring this about? Through a combination of persistent prayer and hard-nosed negotiations with the owner of the building, who rented space to the abortion clinic.

30 Minutes to Flee

Sister Dusty sheds light on the plight of fellow Dominicans in Iraq

Thirty minutes. What would you gather if given 30 minutes to leave your home and city of residence? The Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Mosul, Iraq were given three alternatives by the Islamist terrorist group ISIS: convert to Islam, leave immediately or be killed.

Women can get 'depleted', the Women’s Conference fills you up

As Father Ben Luedtke stood in front of hundreds of women with a crucifix during the 2011 diocesan Women’s Conference, Kathy Medich said it was hard not to be “on fire” when – while holding the crucifix high – he said, “(Do) you know what love is? … This is love.”

That “standout moment” led Kathy, who attends St. John the Evangelist in Fenton, to join the conference’s core team, which organizes and brings the diocesan Women’s Conference to more than 1,000 women year after year. 

It feels like half of you is gone

Judy finds comfort in bereavement support group

When Judy Wood’s husband died suddenly three years ago, she felt lost.

“We were partners,” she says. “And it feels like half of you is gone.”

After 41 years of marriage, Judy says Jim’s death left her desolate. That’s why she has been grateful for the Bereavement Support Group at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in East Lansing. She started attending shortly after Jim died, and says the group has given her the ability to move forward.

Putting others first

Tyler ministers to those who have lost a loved one

Burying the deceased is one of the seven corporal acts of mercy. But to Tyler Pray – a fourth-generation licensed funeral director at Pray Funeral Home in Charlotte and a member of St. Mary Parish – burying the dead is just the beginning; caring for the grieving family is how we care for the deceased. 

“We often are called to place the needs of a grieving family before the needs of our own family,” Tyler says. “Putting others first is, I believe, one of the core components of any form of ministry.”  


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