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How Pope Francis inspires me (The 2014 Father Charles Irvin Essay Contest Winner)

Pope Francis is an admitted thief and former bouncer, and the driver of an old used car. That is why he inspires me. He is really not that different from most of us, yet we just have a hard time realizing it because we naturally put the pope on an extremely high moral and social pedestal. Subconsciously, many of us probably imagine that the pope can do no wrong, or that the pope does not sin. Many also think that a man of such high standing and acclaim must be rich. The fact of the matter is that this famous and holy man is extremely humble and down to earth.

“I felt so much closer to God” Karla’s experience at the Women’s Conference

A busy working wife and mother, Karla Palmer has a strong faith that she nurtures by being active in her parish and searching out inspiration in different ways. Encouraged by her mother and accompanied by her sister, Karla spent an entire day in October with her Catholic sisters at the 2013 Women’s Conference in Lansing. Originally excited about the chance to listen to author Teresa Tomeo, Karla left Lansing feeling inspired and fulfilled beyond her expectations.

Ordination 2014

The Diocese of Lansing was blessed with five new priests on June 14. Bishop Earl Boyea ordained Daniel Westermann. James Rolph, Gary Koenigsknecht, Todd Koenigsknecht and Vince Richardson to the priesthood at St. Thomas Aquinas Parish in East Lansing. In the next few pages, meet the five newest priests for the Diocese of Lansing – and enjoy photos of their ordinations.

Msgr. Vincent Howard - Still committed to ‘the most important work of my life'

Things have changed a lot since I was ordained,” says Msgr. Vincent Howard, 96, the oldest priest in the Diocese of Lansing. “But the one thing I want people to know – especially young men who might be thinking about the priesthood – is that through all those years, I really enjoyed it. I had fun. There was never a day that I regretted being a priest.”

Kim and Dave are expecting a girl! Thanks to Creighton NFP

Kim and Dave are expecting a girl! Thanks to Creighton NFP

When Kim and Dave Hunt faced the struggle of infertility, they sought out the advice and counsel of an unlikely expert: Father Dwight Ezop.

“We had been through so much at that point. The fertility center was talking about IVF (in vitro fertilization), but before we got into any of that, we decided to talk to Father Dwight,” Kim says. “I just remember what an emotional meeting that was and how wonderful he was.”


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