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'Prayer changes us' - Ruth knows the power of prayer

“I believe in miracles. That’s all I can say.” Ruth Pline has run out of ways to describe the power of prayer in her life and her experience leading the St. Jude Prayer Group in DeWitt. “I’ve had others say, ‘Oh my Gosh, I couldn’t pray myself, but I knew others were praying.’ That knowledge gave them a lot of peace in the face of terrible circumstances. “I know how they feel. At 13 years old, our daughter, Rachelle, was riding her bike in our neighborhood when she was hit by a pick-up. The truck rolled her under its carriage, then threw her out sideways.

Prayers and support save Wezi's unborn baby

On May 2, 2016, Sandra Wezi Pemba parked a block away from the clinic where she had scheduled an abortion. Wearing a prayer T-shirt, she dragged her feet as she walked.

She recalls her heavy heart and feeling of hopelessness: “It was the last of seven days of prayer I had begun when the baby’s father told me he was married with a family. He said I should get an abortion. I didn’t want one, but I was so confused.

“I prayed ‘You be God and I’ll be Wezi. Please tell me what to do.’

Catholic Health Care for Women

Stephen's faith is at the core of his medical practice

Dr. Stephen Hickner and his wife, Carol, were very happy with their life in Wyoming. Following his 20-year obstetrics/gynecology career largely spent in Grand Rapids, the Hickners could wrap a week of work at 5 p.m. Friday and by sunset have a tent pitched in Yellowstone National Park, ready to enjoy the splendor God had created. But Stephen — sometimes enthusiastically, sometimes reluctantly — always kept his ears open to hear God’s call.


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