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For Troy, ‘receiving Jesus is simply the best part of Mass’

Asked to complete the sentence, “When I think of Jesus, __,” Troy Culver, a freshman at Northwest High School in Jackson, promptly replied, “I think of him as my big brother. He’s always there to talk to. I feel his presence, and the Holy Spirit, especially when I pray alone or am at adoration. It’s hard to explain how I feel but it’s like I’m complete.”

In Christian Family Movement, Brian and Mary Ann learned to 'step out in faith and trust God'

In 1989, as parents of four (soon-to-be-five) young children, the busyness of their young family was taking its toll on the marriage of Brian and Mary Thelen. When a bulletin announcement from St. Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor invited interested families to learn about the Christian Family Movement (CFM), Brian and Mary Ann decided to give it a try.

From 'faith, family and football' to med student

Ethan Ruhland lost all four grandparents in a nine-month period while he was in college. While grieving, he began to doubt God’s love and presence. Yet from those days of questioning came a realization that God was, in fact, at work in his life. Ethan credits God’s grace through his grief, his then-girlfriend (now wife) Jacqueline’s prompting to go to Mass and his experience on the Michigan State football team for his renewed relationship with God.

After participating in a Called and Gifted workshop, Meghan’s work brings her “personal peace and joy”

Future Called and Gifted workshop dates include:

November 10-11, 2017: St. Patrick Parish, Brighton | Click here to register

Friday evening begins at 7:00 pm. Saturday runs until 4:00 pm

March 16-17: St. Joseph Parish, Dexter. Friday evening begins at 7:00 pm. Saturday runs until 4:00 pm

April 20-21: St. Mary’s, Flint. Friday evening begins at 7:00 pm. Saturday runs until 4:00 pm

For Brig and Fran, Legatus is an opportunity to 'really listen to God's voice'

Ever been invited somewhere and felt it was exactly what you were looking for? That happened to Brig Sorber, one of the founders of Two Men and a Truck, and his wife, Francine. Brig had been a member of the Young Presidents Organization, a group of young CEOs who gathered regularly in Detroit to exchange business ideas and learn from each other. At 49, he aged out and expressed to his wife, Fran, a desire for a similar experience, but one that was faith-based.


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