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For Sarah, feeding the hungry is personal

“Holy ground” is not a term you would normally imagine when viewing a small, institutional, beige room, dotted with a few card tables and bakers’ shelving. But there isn’t a better way to exemplify the food bank located at St. John the Baptist Church in Ypsilanti. It is truly holy ground. “I can’t tell you how much I feel God here,” exudes Sarah Scholl, food bank coordinator. “I know it’s him because it all feels good. Even when things get crazy there is something that comes along that says, ‘I got this,’ and I know it’s the Spirit.

Choosing LIFE, thanks to Tim and the Ultrasound Initiative

Tim Donovan was untouched by unplanned pregnancy until December 2011, when the Holy Spirit inspired him to make an unexpected trip to Brighton. Instead of making his normal sales calls, Tim visited the Pregnancy Help Clinic (PHC) to see if the Knights of Columbus could assist the clinic financially.

In 2009, the Knights of Columbus Supreme Council launched a matching fund program to assist pro-life pregnancy centers in purchasing ultrasound equipment. Tim was district deputy, and the reason for his trip to Brighton that wintry day was to introduce himself to the staff.

Serving the Incarcerated, Deacon Jack is the "Way Maker"

An Invitation was all it took to propel Jack Flanagan down a road he had not envisioned traveling. In the 1990s, a friend invited him to help catechize to a weekly RCIA class at the Maxey Boys Training School in Whitmore Lake. In 2001, another invitation followed to minister at the Washtenaw County Jail (WCJ), closely followed by a third to minister at the Milan Federal Correctional Institution (FCI). Now retired from AT&T, Deacon Jack Flanagan devotes approximately 23 hours a week to jail/prison ministry. Jack ruminates, “God gently prepared me step-by-step for this ministry.

When their son died suddenly, Ivy and Lisa called Catholic Cemeteries first

Ivy Davis, Jr. – “Poppy” – was a fun-loving young man who loved to be outdoors hiking, biking and running. He was free-spirited and an easy person for people to be around. It was no surprise to his parents when he landed a job as a concierge at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix after he moved there to attend Arizona State University.

But just a short time later, Ivy Sr. and Lisa Davis, Ivy, Jr.’s parents, were mired in funeral preparations after their youngest child died at the age of 26 from heart failure.

Chelsea Gheesling is bringing Good Girls back

“Even in high school, people called me a goody-goody,” Chelsea Gheesling recalls. “But I didn’t mind it. I was proud to be known as a ‘good girl.’ I had a great high school experience – I was involved in activities, on the dance team and cheerleading, and I had friends and was social; though I wasn’t perfect, I didn’t stray from my values.”

These days, Chelsea knows that tween and teen girls often face the challenge of being good versus being “cool.”


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