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Teresa's most important gift to herself for 30 years, A Women's Retreat

In 2013, Teresa Hurd lost her job, her oldest son died unexpectedly and her husband lost his ability to work. Her unswerving belief and the spiritual strength she has developed over 30 years of attending retreats have helped her through.

“At retreats, Father Larry Delaney likes to say, ‘If you want to make the Lord laugh, just tell him your plans.’ That’s a good way to describe last year for me. Whenever I’ve said: ‘Now listen, God. I’ve had enough,’ I could almost hear him laugh and say, ‘I’ll tell you when you’re done.’

Why should we pray to saints? Shouldn’t we go directly to God?

Dear Father Joe: My friends who are not Catholic say we should only pray to God and that praying to saints is idolatry. Why should we pray to saints?

This is a great question and can really lead us to some good ideas, so let’s get right to it!

First, let’s be clear about something – when we pray to saints, we are not offering them the worship due to God. We are asking the saints to pray to God for us.

Sister Helen brings Christ to "dead men walking"

She calls it annunciation – the invitation from God to bring Christ into the world. One of Sister Helen Prejean’s annunciations came as she meditated on the daily reading from Matthew 25: 36 – “I was in prison and you came to me.” Those simple words set her on a journey through Louisiana’s Death Row and launched her into the national spotlight as an activist, author and spiritual guide to inmates condemned to die.

Why Liliane feeds the hungry in Adrian

Liliane coordinates the food pantry at St. Mary Parish in Adrian. For 20 years, hungry clients have been able to visit the pantry and “shop” for enough food to feed their families for three meals. We asked Liliane to tell us why she spends so much of her time at the pantry.

“For me, it’s important to give back to the community. It is important to make the world a better place. We don’t want people to be hungry in the world. I’m putting my energy where it is needed.”


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