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Three brothers - Three priests

On a June weekend, Eben, Adam and Tim MacDonald returned to their childhood parish of St. Michael’s in Flint for Mass. The only difference was that instead of serving as altar boys or participating from the pews, they concelebrated with Father Matthew Fedewa. As of June 2, the MacDonald family counts three priests in their family of six children. Father Eben, the oldest of the MacDonald children, was ordained June 2 in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, joining his brothers Father Adam and Father Tim, who were ordained in 2000.

Married for life - Pat and Bob's secrets for a successful marriage

Whether fresh from the oven or out of a bag, chocolate chip cookies rank near the top of favorite comfort foods. There’s nothing exciting about these lumpy brown clumps we take for granted. Yet when I bite into a great chocolate chip cookie, I know it. I savor its sweet richness and the feeling of warm contentment that starts on my tongue and glows into my soul.

Twins in life - twins in faith

When Kate and Nicole Baumer sit next to each other, you might not guess that they are sisters. That is, until they start talking. They finish each other’s sentences, help each other find just the right word and gently tease each other.

In fact, the Baumer girls are more than sisters. They’re twins. But they couldn’t be more different.

“The only things we have in common are our parents, our faith and our voice,” says Kate.

Teen Essay Winner - Walking and Talking our Catholic faith

The 2011 Father Charles Irvin Essay Contest Winner

Every year, FAITH awards a $1,000 scholarship to a high-school senior in our diocese, based on an essay on a topic related to life in the Church. Our goal is to promote insightful thought and excellent writing, and to encourage careers in Catholic journalism. There are many ways to spread the good news of Jesus Christ, and good writing is one of them. We hope you enjoy this year’s essay by Krysten Perkins of Powers Catholic High School.

James' and Adriana's mission trip at home, Catholic Urban Project Missionaries

During the summer of 2011, James Pope became a Catholic missionary, entering a land where poverty has changed a once-thriving landscape to a scene of desolation. This summer, Adriana Perry walked the same heat-blistered terrain, carrying on the work James started last year. At the end of the eight-week missionary program, each returned home tired, wiser and in awe of the power of God.


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