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For Troy, ‘receiving Jesus is simply the best part of Mass’

Asked to complete the sentence, “When I think of Jesus, __,” Troy Culver, a freshman at Northwest High School in Jackson, promptly replied, “I think of him as my big brother. He’s always there to talk to. I feel his presence, and the Holy Spirit, especially when I pray alone or am at adoration. It’s hard to explain how I feel but it’s like I’m complete.”

In Christian Family Movement, Brian and Mary Ann learned to 'step out in faith and trust God'

In 1989, as parents of four (soon-to-be-five) young children, the busyness of their young family was taking its toll on the marriage of Brian and Mary Thelen. When a bulletin announcement from St. Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor invited interested families to learn about the Christian Family Movement (CFM), Brian and Mary Ann decided to give it a try.

From 'faith, family and football' to med student

Ethan Ruhland lost all four grandparents in a nine-month period while he was in college. While grieving, he began to doubt God’s love and presence. Yet from those days of questioning came a realization that God was, in fact, at work in his life. Ethan credits God’s grace through his grief, his then-girlfriend (now wife) Jacqueline’s prompting to go to Mass and his experience on the Michigan State football team for his renewed relationship with God.


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