Discussion Guide for June 2017

Parenting Journey

How can you, as a parent or a child, be more present and less distracted during the time you spend with your parents or children?

What can you do to create more time for being together?

Spiritual Fitness

In what ways has the Holy Spirit strengthened or comforted you in times of difficulty?

How do you feel the Spirit calling you to share the message of God’s love with others?

Theology 101

In your own experiences of loss, what gave you a sense of comfort or reassurance?

Discussion Guide for May 2017

Parenting Journey

Why is your faith important to you? Think about what events or situations in your life prompted you to value your faith as you do.

Have you ever shared your faith story with your son/daughter?

Spiritual Fitness

What scripture readings, activities, prayers or devotions renew your sense of joy about your faith?

How can you include these in your daily or weekly routine to keep your joyfulness fresh?

Cover story

Talk about how your faith and your prayer life have sustained you through difficult times.

Discussion Guide for April 2017

Spiritual Fitness

Sister Ann asks us to follow Peter, John and Mary Magdalene as they react to the events of Jesus’ Passion and resurrection. Take time to write down your own thoughts and offer them as a prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus’ gift of himself for you.

Theology 101

Have you ever felt your prayers were not answered? Did you try to surrender your will to God, rather than giving up hope?

Discussion Guide for March 2017


How can you express the reasons you love your faith to your children? In what ways can you affirm your children’s commitment to their faith?

Spiritual Fitness

Sr. Ann suggests making only one or two sacrifices during Lent. What sacrifice will you choose this Lent? What can you do to help you stay true to your penance throughout the Lenten season?

Discussion Guide for January/February 2017

Marriage Matters

As we read in this column, a healthy ordering of our priorities is God, family and then work. With technology making it easier to communicate regarding work at all hours of the day, how well are you doing at prioritizing? Is God first in your life? Does family come before work?

Parenting journey

Although the child in this scenario is only 4 years old, bullying can happen at all ages, even with adults. Reflect on Romans 12:17-21 to learn what St. Paul says about how to conquer evil.

Discussion Guide December 2016

Marriage Matters

Discuss ways in which estranged family members might approach one another in a spirit of reconciliation and peace, especially during the Christmas season.

Parenting Journey

What are some ways we can help young adults, or even aging parents, with transitions in life, such as getting that first job, moving to a new location or moving out of the house they have always known? Reflect on Joshua 1:9

Discussion Guide for November

Parenting Journey

What are some ways you can guide young people to use their strengths in their education and career choices while at the same time allowing them to discern their own path?

Theology 101

Can you describe a time when you experienced God’s merciful action in your life? Have you approached Jesus with hope for healing and asked for his mercy, like the leper and the centurion?

Spiritual Fitness

How do you keep God in your daily life? Do you carve out time for him despite the busyness of your schedule?

Discussion Guide for October

Parenting Journey

What interests or strengths do you observe in your children?

In what ways can you affirm your daughter’s/son’s strengths, especially those qualities that reflect Christian kindness and charity?

In the Know with Fr. Joe

Do your attitudes about others ever contribute to tension or division?

When can you include prayer in your day to become “more loving, more helpful, more understanding and more forgiving” – to become the saint you are called to be?

Discussion Guide for September

Parenting Journey

What actions can you take to demonstrate to your children the importance of faith in your life?

In the Know with Fr. Joe

Fr. Joe lists several ways in which we can act as witnesses to Christ. What are some other ways you can be a Christian witness in your daily life?

How do you share (in words) about your relationship with Jesus Christ?

Discussion Guide for July

Parenting Journey

1. What technology-free family activities might you implement to encourage your child to cultivate relationships off the screen?

Work Life

1. What are some ways that you can bring Christ’s presence into your daily tasks at work which might energize you?

In the Know with Father Joe

1. Father Joe says that a priest’s call is considered “God’s call” more than “his call.” In what ways do you see your vocation in life as God’s call rather than your call?


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