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Mission at Home

Do you ever wonder how you can make a difference without joining the Peace Corps? Although a mission abroad can be an invaluable experience for those who serve and for the communities who are served, more often than not scheduling, financial resources or personal commitments keep you at home. But you can stay stateside and still make a difference.

The right gift for the right time

From the first date to the honeymoon, gift-giving is a common part of many relationships, and like most relationships, will change over time. Embrace each stage of your relationship by giving meaningful, appropriate, and budget-friendly gifts.

Newly dating: If you’ve been dating for less than a year, you’re probably still getting to know your significant other. Sticking with the classics is a great strategy: flowers, cologne or perfume, a night out on the town, their favorite treat, or a seasonal activity, like a trip to the apple orchard or ice skating.


5 things to look for in a future spouse

1. Character and quirks

Always consider the basics over any perceived perks. Sure, they’re cute, funny and smart. But do your personalities mesh? Do you have shared habits and hobbies? Overlooking these simple things in the beginning can turn into a hassle.

2. Lifestyle alignment

Powerful posting: 4 tips for healthy social media content

Getting caught up in digital expression is easy, but pairing what’s trendy with your values can sometimes pose a challenge. Try these tips for keeping your social media account active, current and spiritually aligned.

1. Share to care. Our parents and grandparents had to wait and hear it through the grapevine. Today, we have Share buttons that send information – good or bad, fact or fiction – across town just as fast as it goes global. Make sure the stories you’re sharing line up with your beliefs and the mentors you follow.

Catholic and free at public university

Leaving home for college is a big step for Catholic families. Promote your independence and reassure your parents by being FREE:

Find community. One great part about college is choosing your own friends. Strategize by focusing on those who share your desire to grow in Catholic faith. Having a support group is important when it comes to any lifestyle commitment. Locate a Catholic or Christian student group on campus to meet and socialize with. Find a friend with whom you can attend Mass regularly. 


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