Marriage Matters

He says: The kids moved out, and now she's never home

Our youngest child just moved out! I was looking forward to having more relaxing time with Pam. But she seems to be gone all the time. I’m feeling more alone than I expected at this time of our lives.

She says: I just want to stay active in the community

I really miss all the kids’ activities, and I’ve realized all of our friendships revolved around them. I am trying to stay active in the community so I don’t turn into a recluse – which is what I think Jack is looking for. 

He says: We should invite our son’s roommates for Christmas

Our son’s college roommates don’t have anywhere to go for Christmas, because their parents live too far away. I want to invite them to our Christmas dinner, but Terri says, “No way!”

She says: It’s the only time our family is all together

Christmas is my favorite holiday – and it’s the only time we are all together as a family. I know it sounds selfish to Phil, but I really don’t want strangers here during this special time.

He says: She lost a lot of our money shopping online

Kathy's online shopping got so out of control that she racked up a huge credit card balance. After I found out, she got some professional help, but I am having trouble forgiving her secrecy – and resenting the sacrifices to pay off her debt.

She says: I want to repair our relationship

I know that Mark is upset, and I don’t blame him. But this spending spree was during a time I was depressed more than six years ago – and I am really curtailing my spending now. If Mark can’t forgive me, how can we ever repair our relationship?

He Says: I'm afraid she's becoming addicted

I understand Michelle has chronic health problems, but she goes to multiple doctors to get different prescriptions for strong pain medications. I’m afraid she’s becoming addicted.

She Says: I’m in constant pain

I am in constant pain and can’t get enough relief from a single prescription. I’m not addicted, I am just trying to get through each day. It hurts and Adam doesn’t understand

She Says: We should plan our funeral

John and I should really plan our funerals and let our children know what our end-of-life directives are. However, he refuses to discuss it, or anything related to death. It’s as if he thinks he’ll never die!

He says: She’s being morbid

Listen, I know we’re all going to die, but I think it’s morbid to focus on it. Once we’re gone, we won’t care anyway, so why do we need to plan it all out? I wish Elaine would just let this drop.

She says: He won’t take his depression meds

Jim has been diagnosed with depression, and has been prescribed medication to treat it. But Jim won’t stay on the meds long enough to find out if they work. Does “sickness and health” also include stubbornness?

He says: I don’t like the side effects

I tried the medications, and I didn’t like the physical side effects, which are apparently pretty common. I can try beating this on my own, if Lindsey will just be a little more patient.


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