Profile of a Disciple

By Their Side at Mother Teresa House

Karen Bussey finds in the midst of dying there is precious life.

At Mother Teresa House in Lansing, she, her staff and volunteers love those who are alone at death, regardless of religious affiliation, and help them transcend into eternal life.

“I love to think of this time of life as the culminating point, the summation of your whole life,” says Karen.

Profile of an Evangelist - Theresa’s life as her parents’ care-giver

‘Why shouldn’t I?’ Theresa’s life as her parents’ care-giver

Theresa Lingl chose not to send her elderly parents to a nursing home, and has instead moved into their home to become their primary care-giver:

For Theresa Lingl, becoming a care-giver for her elderly parents wasn’t even a question. “The decision came natural to me,” she says. “I thought, ‘Why shouldn’t I?’”    

Profile of an Evangelist - Jen guides others to discipleship

Jen Brown’s work as coordinator of evangelization and discipleship for Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Lansing is her true calling. She finds joy helping parishioners discover how to use their talents to love Christ and share Jesus’ love with everyone every day.

“I never dreamed a job like this would be possible,” Jen says. “When I saw the job information, I thought, this is the job of my life.”

Profile of an Evangelist - March 2014

Feeling the power of FAITH SHARING

Ed Welch, a member of St. Thomas Aquinas/St. John Student Center in East Lansing, participates in the Catholic faith-sharing group JustFaith, a program designed to explore the Church’s stance on social justice.

He believes the power of his faith-sharing group, JustFaith, makes a difference not only in his understanding of world needs, but also in his relationship with Christ. “The important part of the group is how our faith is at the bottom of it,” says Ed.

Profile of an evangelist

Why Lillah is a super volunteer

Lillah Olson’s faith is strengthened by her activity at the Church of the Resurrection in Lansing, and her parish is strengthened by her faith. She believes the more she gives of herself through active participation, the more her faith increases. The mutually enriching relationship begins with Mass.

“For me, daily Mass and Holy Communion is a top priority,” says Lillah. “I am so grateful to our pastor Father Steve Mattson and parochial vicar Father Mark Rutherford.”

Parents the second time around

Tom and Angie are raising their three grandchildren – Kierstin, Kendra and Jacob – in Dexter. The family is part of St. Mary’s Parish in Chelsea. We asked Tom and Angie how their faith is helping them navigate parenthood the second time around.

“Tom and I have always felt that God only gives you as much as you can handle,” Angie says, “With the help of family, friends and the St. Mary’s community this certainly rings true.”


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