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Walk through the Holy Door of God's grace

As part of this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis designated a Holy Door at St. Peter’s in Rome, and asked that all Bishops establish a particular door in each diocesan cathedral that would be available as a pilgrimage site for everyone. The door itself is a symbol in recognition of Christ – the sole door through which we enter salvation (Jn 10:9) and the one way that leads to the Father. (Jn 14:6)

The power of praying for others

In the last column, I spoke about the need for, and the power of, intercession. Let me now say some things that are important for each of you who wish to become an intercessor. In order for intercession to be truly effective, each person needs to make some specific decisions in order to be fruitful in prayer. These principles apply whether you are praying for an individual, a group or a specific cause.

The power of prayer

I wonder how many of us seriously believe in the power of prayer? Do you? In order for prayer for others, as well as for ourselves, to be effective, God wants to teach us how to pray, how to intercede on behalf of others. In a future column, I will be more specific about how to pray on behalf of others.

Do you have 15 minutes every day? Give it to God

What is meditation, really? Can we meditate in a way that is faithful to our Catholic tradition? The answer is “yes.” To meditate is to think over, to reflect, to consider what God has taught us in the Scripture. The Scriptures themselves call us to meditate regularly. Read Psalm 63: “My soul is satisfied as with marrow and fatness … when I remember you on my bed … I meditate on you in the night watches.” (5-6) See Psalms 77:12, 119:15, 143:5. 


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