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Vote your conscience

My brothers and sisters in Christ, election time is almost upon us. We are fortunate to live in a place and time where our vote can have an enormous impact on our society. So, please vote! And more so, vote with a well-formed conscience, that is, a conscience that aligns with the will of God. How do we do that? First of all, through prayer and close attention to the teachings of Jesus, as found in Scripture and taught by his Church. 

Lessons from the ‘Snowshoe Priest’ Bishop Baraga, first bishop of Marquette

Excerpts from the homily Bishop Boyea preached at the episcopal ordination of Most Reverend Steven Raica, former chancellor of the Diocese of Lansing, now the fifth bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord. In it, Bishop Boyea spoke about Bishop Baraga, whose cause for sainthood is proceeding and whose chalice Bishop Raica used at his ordination Mass.

Our loss is their gain!

On Friday, June 27, 2014, our Holy Father, Pope Francis, named Msgr. Steven J. Raica, the chancellor of our diocese, to become the fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Gaylord. I often tease him that he has the mind of the bishop, such that when I lose my mind I know where to find it! Now what will happen?

I always knew he was a saint!

I knew he was a saint! The several times I met John Paul II, it was clear to me that this very human man was close to God, was a friend of God, was holy, was a saint. Now it is also clear that he was human, a sinner and perhaps at times mistaken in his judgments about people. Nonetheless, this merely helps us all the more to see that we too, we who are sinners, can also live close to our God.

As we move closer to our diocesan assembly this November, one of the calls to each of us is to develop our relationship with Jesus. Some may wonder what exactly that is.


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