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As an editor, I see (and hopefully correct) the occasional spelling error before an issue of FAITH goes to press. Every now and again, one of those spelling errors catches my eye and makes me stop and think. One such example is “conformation” as a mistaken spelling for “confirmation.” This spelling error triggers my sacramental imagination, inasmuch as one of the hopes we have for anyone who is being confirmed is that they might be more closely conformed to the person of Jesus Christ by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Does growth have to be painful?

Through the course of the summer months just passed, we have been journeying with Jesus in Saint Luke’s Gospel. Each of the Gospel selections we have heard recently form a kind of handbook from Jesus that helps us to understand the nature and the cost of discipleship. When summer began, we witnessed Jesus sending the disciples out into the surrounding countryside. As they made their way from town to town, they received their first taste of what it would mean to minister in the Lord’s name. They discovered both the joys and the challenges of proclaiming the Good News.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit

I’m envious of teens today who are preparing to receive the sacrament of confirmation. When I was confirmed back on May 6, 1943, in the middle of World War II, there was little in the way of preparation beyond classroom sessions. We were more passive recipients of the sacrament, and it didn’t feel much like a celebration.

The importance of being called by name

During the first week of July, I began my ministry as pastor of the Catholic Community of St. Mary and St. Ann in Charlotte and Bellevue. A few weeks prior to my arrival in Charlotte, I received my keys to the parish complex. I also began the process of moving my belongings into the rectory and getting settled into the parish community that will be my home for the years ahead. I also started the very important process of learning the names of parishioners.

My best day as a priest

My assignment for writing this piece was to share some thoughts about my best day as a priest. I was a bit daunted by sifting through 49 years of being a priest to find that best day, but two instances surfaced rather quickly – one being the most memorable day, the other the best day. There is a difference between the two.


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