From the Editor

A Cold Can of Corn

Although it was just a cold can of corn, it might just as well have been the finest caviar, based on how quickly she was eating it and the look of utter satisfaction that was on her face. It is an image that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Spiritual Hunger

We are all aware of the hunger that plagues our world, and the struggle of many to access clean water. We should give generously to agencies that bring food, water and vital supplies to those who hunger and thirst. But there are others who hunger and thirst in their hearts and souls. We shouldn’t neglect them either.

Teens, for instance. They hunger for recognition. They thirst for love and attention. They want to be taken seriously, and have respect shown them. How do we relate to them?

Where your treasure is, your heart will be

Some years ago, I happened to be passing through the church late one evening. As I was walking through the gathering space, I crossed paths with someone who was bringing a donation of food for the parish food pantry. As I greeted her, she said, “Oh, I wish you hadn’t seen me here.”  Puzzled by her reaction, I asked, “Why is that?”  She said, “I don’t like anyone to see me when I drop off my gift to the food pantry. I love knowing that I make a difference–I just don’t like the spotlight on me. I’d much rather work behind the scenes.”


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