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Help your kids be holy

I’m pretty sure that applies to our children, too. Before our first baby was born, my grandma told me that the children I would bear weren’t mine – they were a precious gifts on loan from the Father. It was our primary responsibility, as parents, to help them get to heaven. Grandma’s thinking may seem a bit countercultural today. The world might have us think our primary task is to get our kids on the most prestigious teams, the most elite dance troops or into the most impressive schools.

How do I make my teenager do chores?

Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson noted that grade school children demonstrate a sense of industry, wanting to help out with tasks. They are eager to grab a snow shovel or mow the lawn! It takes a lot of patience when we have little helpers joining in, but their sense of pride makes the effort well worth the extra time. Once kids hit the teen years and are competent in completing chores, much to our dismay, that enthusiasm is gone. To be fair, as adults we don’t always look forward to chores either; we just know they need to be done.


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