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Discussion Guide March 2018


“Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” (Lk 14:11) How can we bring this truth into our homes and into our marriages?

Discipleship 101

Discuss the five thresholds of conversion. Have you ever walked with someone as they explored the faith? Perhaps you can be that person who allows another to experience the first step of conversion – the “initial trust” of knowing a true believer.


GROW: Can you talk about a time when you felt God’s presence with you in a difficult time?

Discussion Guide January/February 2018

Parenting Journey

Discuss Luke 6:31: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.” Talk about ways we can intervene with kind words if we witness bullying in any form.


GROW: How can you still your heart and listen for God’s whisper each day? Do you set aside a specific time or place? How can we ensure we aren’t giving God the leftovers of our day?

Discussion Guide December 2017

Grow+Go – Sheri Wohlfert

Recall a time you felt peaceful, or peace-filled. How can you regain a sense of peace as you prepare for the holidays?

Grow+Go – Cheryl Olsen

Is there someone in your life you could invite back to church this Christmas?

Whose example has inspired you to grow in your commitment to your faith?

Theology 101

Are there ways you can turn disagreements about religion among friends into a discussion highlighting your shared beliefs?

Discussion Guide November 2017

Marriage Matters

Have you experienced a time in your marriage when you and your spouse prayed about your challenges and worked through them, and as a result you felt your bond was stronger?

Parenting Journey

Discuss ways to work on having more patience with your children. Try to recall the words of Psalm 127 when you’re frustrated: “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord. The fruit of the womb a reward.”

Discussion Guide October 2017

Essay Winner: Grace Schoenle

Have you ever tried to explain Jesus to someone who doesn’t know him?


Have you thought about consciously trying to manage the time you spend on social media?


How do you handle stress? Have you tried taking your worries to prayer and asking God to help you manage?

Work Life

Supervising friends or family in a work situation can lead to conflict or resentment. How might embracing the concept of servant leadership help with this situation?

Discussion Guide September 2017

Parenting Journey

What are some non-emotional and non-judgmental ways you can be the “pencil in God’s hand” while you speak to your children about faith in their moments of doubt?

Marriage Matters

How can you and your spouse find ways to appear as a “united front” to your children, despite conflicting work and travel schedules?

Spiritual Fitness

Has there been a specific time in your life when you consciously had to restrain from complaining about something, and instead sought out God’s help?

Discussion Guide July/August 2017

Marriage Matters

Have you and your spouse ever disagreed about your financial obligations to your children? If yes, talk about how you can incorporate God’s guidance into your discussion.

Parenting Journey

Have you discussed noninvasive ways you can monitor your child’s cell phone and internet use that sets expectations and builds trust?

Spiritual Fitness

How can you, in your daily life, truly listen to God and work to draw closer to him?

Discussion Guide for June 2017

Parenting Journey

How can you, as a parent or a child, be more present and less distracted during the time you spend with your parents or children?

What can you do to create more time for being together?

Spiritual Fitness

In what ways has the Holy Spirit strengthened or comforted you in times of difficulty?

How do you feel the Spirit calling you to share the message of God’s love with others?

Theology 101

In your own experiences of loss, what gave you a sense of comfort or reassurance?

Discussion Guide for May 2017

Parenting Journey

Why is your faith important to you? Think about what events or situations in your life prompted you to value your faith as you do.

Have you ever shared your faith story with your son/daughter?

Spiritual Fitness

What scripture readings, activities, prayers or devotions renew your sense of joy about your faith?

How can you include these in your daily or weekly routine to keep your joyfulness fresh?

Cover story

Talk about how your faith and your prayer life have sustained you through difficult times.

Discussion Guide for April 2017

Spiritual Fitness

Sister Ann asks us to follow Peter, John and Mary Magdalene as they react to the events of Jesus’ Passion and resurrection. Take time to write down your own thoughts and offer them as a prayer of thanksgiving for Jesus’ gift of himself for you.

Theology 101

Have you ever felt your prayers were not answered? Did you try to surrender your will to God, rather than giving up hope?


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