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Witness to Hope: Accountability Oversight Committee

The Witness to Hope Campaign Policies and Guidelines call for the establishment of an Accountability Oversight Committee (AOC) “to review the pledge receipts and their disbursements to the various case elements” in order to assure “the highest level of accountability to the clergy, lay leadership and parishioners of the Diocese of Lansing.” In addition, the AOC will provide advice and recommendations to our Catholic Foundation as to effective reporting concerning its administration and the ultimate use of the funds raised through Witness to Hope.

With 45% participation rate, Holy Redeemer Parish exceeds it goal

Father Steve Anderson, of Holy Redeemer Church in Burton, is known for saying, “We’re all in.”

So, when it came time to conduct the diocesan-wide Witness to Hope campaign at the parish, it came as no surprise that the parish had a 45 percent participation rate, according to Bruce Simms, parishioner at Holy Redeemer and member of the campaign cabinet.

“I trust Father and his team that he has put together to do what’s best for the parish. I go with the flow. We’re doing our best to be all in and support him,” Bruce says.

Parish more than doubles its goal

St. Mary's in Westphalia makes campaign a priority 

Following a sports game, it’s not uncommon for athletes to celebrate their victory by showering a coach with water or Gatorade.

In the same congratulatory spirit, Father Eric Weber, pastor of St. Mary Parish in Westphalia, was doused with water June 7 to applaud the parish’s success with the diocesan-wide Witness to Hope campaign. The campaign raises funds for individual parishes and for diocesan initiatives.


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