Witness to Hope

For Taylor, 'Evangelizing is a Relationship'

What does it look like to be in tune with God? For Taylor Feldpausch, of Westphalia, being “in tune” is having the ability to open his mind and heart to God.

Every morning, Taylor wakes up an hour before his wife, Jessie, and their four kids. His wife, he says, is a silent force of prayer and a huge support to him. During that hour, Taylor spends his time in prayer and reflects on daily readings and God’s will.

Taylor’s faith impacts his daily life, and he says it is a lens through which he sees everything.

Sean Costello: Educating 'The whole child' in the faith

The cost of a Catholic education can be a a huge barrier; for some, it’s an insurmountable one.

But, through the diocesan-wide Witness to Hope campaign, barriers are being lowered, and the dream of a Catholic education is becoming more attainable by the day.

With the goal of $12.5 million for a Catholic school financial aid endowment, Witness to Hope will radically change support for Catholic schools within the Diocese of Lansing.

Faith in Action

Mary Beth and John are ready to engage in new campaign

From providing assistance to diocesan and parish evangelization efforts to supporting Catholic education and everything in between, Mary Beth and John Pirich are excited about a new way to engage their Catholic faith.

“It’s a very comprehensive proposal and program,” says John. “We’ve always been a family of faith, and our faith is intertwined in our life on a daily basis. We believe in the message of Jesus Christ.”


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