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How can I help...?

Dear Fr. Joe: How can I help … my friends whose marriage is falling apart?

It’s a tough thing to watch a marriage falling apart, and I feel deeply blessed by knowing that you want to help people in that situation.

GO evangelize: Katie invites others to encounter the faith

Prayer: When I attended the second diocesan assembly, Bishop Earl Boyea pointed out the two postures of prayers of evangelization – the outward posture of St. Ambrose, who taught and instructed, and that of St. Monica, who prayed without ceasing. It took both. And it takes both.

Every night, I pray for those close to me, that they will have an evangelist in their life. I also pray in a special way for my three godsons. They are young now, but I pray now that when they are older they have people in their lives who support a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Will we become angels when we go to heaven?

Dear Father Joe: I’ve heard a lot of things and seen a lot of pictures about heaven and I wonder if that is what it will be like. Will there be mansions and streets of gold, and will we become angels? 

This is such an important issue for all of us – death affects all of us indirectly and will obviously affect all of us personally at some point. We try, as a Church and even in society, to describe the ideas of death, resurrection and heaven because that is important to us. heaven is our goal, but if we forget our goal, we get lost.

Saint Manuel Míguez González - March 8

Early in his priesthood, Manuel (who took the religious name Faustino of the Incarnation) was sent to Sanlúcar de Barrameda in Spain, where he encountered illiterate women who had been marginalized because of their gender. Seeing these uneducated women and realizing the lifetime of injustices that had been brought against them, Father Faustino decided to take action. He prayed and sought the guidance of God, but he knew he had to do more, so in 1885 he established the Daughters of the Divine Shepherdess, a new religious congregation to educate women.


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