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Blessed Fruit on the Feast of the Assumption

Whether planting a Mary Garden or participating in a May crowning, I’ve become familiar with many customs that honor Our Lady during the spring season. I have always tended to think of May as the “best opportunity” to show our devotion to her. But of course, her earthly and heavenly presence are timeless and marked throughout the Church calendar. An age-old tradition I recently read about illustrates just that.

What do you do when you have outgrown your friends?

Social media can be a wonderful tool – until it begins to feel like a tether. When high school friendships are no longer up to date, but you are friends on Facebook, here are a few suggestions on how to put a little distance where needed when you come home to visit.

1. Pray about your role in the relationship(s). Remember, we are called to be God’s instruments. He may be placing you in their life for a reason. Be open to God’s will.

How can I keep God in my workday?

 I really want to be more mindful of God 
 throughout my workday, but it’s a challenge. 
 Any recommendations? 

It is a challenge, indeed. Work, like prayer, demands concentration. It’s filled with deadlines, tasks to be completed, frequent distractions and no short supply of aggravations.

The people I know who maintain presence of God at work seem to have developed these habits to sanctify their work days:

He says: The kids’ summer is too structured

It's almost time for the kids to be home all summer, and Kate has them registered for so many summer programs they're not getting a chance to enjoy childhood. I think we should just hire a baby-sitter.

She Says: I don't want them sitting in front of a screen

With both Daniel and me working, the kids need to be somewhere safe and structured. Camp is fun and also keeps them corralled. I'm afraid a baby-sitter will just sit around drinking our soda and eating us out of house and home while the kids are sitting in front of a screen all summer.


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