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My first “real” boss doesn’t provide feedback

You have landed your first real job. You work hard to prove yourself. You arrive early and leave late. But your boss doesn’t give you any positive feedback. How can you find satisfaction at work when your environment is not encouraging your efforts?

1. Stay the course. Continue to work hard and be true to yourself and your work ethic. God gave you certain talents to use for his glory – to deny those talents is to deny God’s gift.

My procrastination is affecting my job performance

My habit of procrastination is really hurting my job performance. How can I break out of it?

Let me think about it and get back to you later …

Procrastination is a habit of mind, lodged in our subconscious. It seeks to delay and avoid the unpleasant, the difficult and the painful. We don't delay on things that delight us. We delay on things that repel us.

It's also a failure in fortitude. Fortitude is the habit of mind that conquers adversity. It specializes in attack and endurance.

Take ‘heart’ in knowing Jesus loves you

The day after Christmas, the store aisles instantly turn red and pink, and hearts start popping up everywhere. And then on February 14, heart-shaped boxes of chocolates are given to loved ones, chalky heart candies with messages are exchanged in schools, heart-themed desserts are shared on Pinterest and entire paychecks are spent on heart-shaped diamond-studded jewelry … all in the name of saying “I heart someone!”

She says: I don't want to homeschool our kids

Michael wants us to homeschool our kids. Not only do I think that means raising them in a bubble, I would be primarily responsible to be the teacher.

He says: We need to know what they're being taught

I think it’s important that we, as parents, know exactly what our children are being taught. The only way to ensure that is to do it ourselves. It makes the most sense for Sarah to do it; we can’t afford to lose my income.

Our new hire expects a promotion right away

Our new hire has been with us for just a month and is already expecting to be promoted. How do I manage these unrealistic expectations? 

Option No. 1 – Fire him. That would deliver a bracing dose of reality, but pretty harsh.

Option No. 2 – Promote him. But then you would be joining his fantasy world.

Option No. 3 – Enlighten him. Teach him a better way to harness his ambition.

If he wants to succeed, he should add the south pole of humility to the north pole of magnanimity.


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