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We can’t live on bread alone … but try this bruschetta

I love bread. All bread. I think I could live on it. Which is why in the book of Matthew (4:4) Christ reminds me – no, Michelle, one cannot live on bread alone. Which is good because there are times when I think I might otherwise try it.

I wonder if that is where bruschetta came from. Italians make amazing bread. And sure, one can’t live on bread alone, but slice it, toast it, adorn it with flavorful olive oil and various toppings and … perhaps now we have something we can live on? If you love bruschetta as I do, once again, you’d be tempted to try!

How do I make my teenager do chores?

Psychoanalyst Erik Erikson noted that grade school children demonstrate a sense of industry, wanting to help out with tasks. They are eager to grab a snow shovel or mow the lawn! It takes a lot of patience when we have little helpers joining in, but their sense of pride makes the effort well worth the extra time. Once kids hit the teen years and are competent in completing chores, much to our dismay, that enthusiasm is gone. To be fair, as adults we don’t always look forward to chores either; we just know they need to be done.

She says: He makes snide comments about our friends

When we go to parties or out to dinner, Jeff always makes some snide comments about our friends afterward. I’ve asked him to stop, because it makes me uncomfortable. 

He says: If she doesn't want me to talk, I'll just keep my mouth shut

Listen, it’s called conversation. If Linda doesn’t want me to talk, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. It’s going to make for a pretty quiet marriage if I can’t talk.

Can I find true happiness in my career?

Q: How do I find true happiness in my career? I'm unhappy in my job.

A: A happy occupation is a worthy preoccupation. We’re wired for happiness. And let’s face it – work makes up the lion’s share of our waking hours. No wonder the writer of Ecclesiastes cites enjoyment in one’s toil as one of life’s greatest blessings. (2:24)

First, love God. Ground your happiness in Jesus Christ. If you direct your affections toward his infinite lovability, you’ll possess a happiness that is foundational, delightful and unshakeable.


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