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She says: We should donate only to Catholic Charities

I think we should donate only to Catholic Church charities. They do so much good work, and that way Jim and I will know our money is going to be used to help those in need.

He says: Other charities are important too

He says: I have strong feelings about donating to the Cancer Society and other organizations so they can keep up with the costs of cutting-edge research. Can’t Beth see that these organizations help people too?

How do I manage my classmates as their supervisor?

I am a senior in high school, and I’ve just been promoted to supervisor at my job at a store in the mall. How do I manage people who are in my classes at school without making them hate me?

Address the issue in a frank and upfront manner. Let them know that you’re aware that it’s kind of an awkward dynamic. You’ve been given some authority, but you’re not going to lord it over anybody. You’re co-workers first. And your goal as supervisor is to help them enjoy their work and enjoy success. You want to be a servant leader.

I feel lousy after I've been on social media too long but otherwise I feel disconnected

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter … social media are everywhere! Used as a tool to improve our connections, they can benefit our relationships. However, they can also be a time thief that leaves us feeling terrible if we’re not careful. Here are a few ways to make sure they enhance, not hinder.

1. Claim control. Spend time catching up with people and things that leave you feeling connected with those you care about. Don’t get lost in the rabbit hole of everything else going on with people you don’t know well or at all. Set a time limit to keep yourself accountable.


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