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Kim and Dave are expecting a girl! Thanks to Creighton NFP

Kim and Dave are expecting a girl! Thanks to Creighton NFP

When Kim and Dave Hunt faced the struggle of infertility, they sought out the advice and counsel of an unlikely expert: Father Dwight Ezop.

“We had been through so much at that point. The fertility center was talking about IVF (in vitro fertilization), but before we got into any of that, we decided to talk to Father Dwight,” Kim says. “I just remember what an emotional meeting that was and how wonderful he was.”

Father Enzo is building hope and home for people with developmental disabilities.

Kind eyes are what you first notice as Father Enzo Addari speaks with loving compassion for the disvalued of society. Before long, his gentle smile, calm Spirit-filled presence and thick Italian accent unwrap you like a warm blanket. Spending time with this unassuming, humble man enables you to understand why Joe Yekulis, public relations director for the St. Louis Center, a nonprofit residential care facility for boys and adult men and women with developmental disabilities, tells you, "Nobody says no to Father Enzo."

Keeping Family in the Family Farm

“As for me and my household, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15)"

Brian Koenigsknecht remembers the moment this Bible passage rang true in his heart. Sitting in his warm farmhouse, looking at the faces of his children, Brian identified with Joshua across thousands of years. Now, seated at the family dinner table, he shares his story as a third-generation farmer:

Serving their Country, Serving God, Three Generations of a Military Family

Teresa Price feels that, perhaps, the best advice she’s passed on to her son, Christopher, 23, is to let go and let God take him where he is meant to be. Such advice would be relevant to a child no matter the circumstance, but, for Christopher, recently engaged and set to graduate from West Point in May, it is especially poignant.

One Day in the convent, Celeste's life as a postulant

Celeste Warrell, 25, planned for a life as a biochemistry professor, a career that would fit in nicely with her dream of being a wife and mother. But listening to God’s call, she realized he had other plans.

I was a graduate student with a great lab and a great professor, and I was praying for a Catholic husband,” says Celeste. “But I just kept having this thought that I was meant to be Jesus’.”

After prison, Doris gained a new life and a new faith

As a young girl growing up in southeast Arkansas, Doris Speed took a shine to the shy boy next door. “I like that Willie Thomas,” she announced to her sisters one day. “I’m fixin’ to go over to the fence and give him a kiss.” Overhearing her boast, Doris’ mother set about immediately to change her daughter’s plan the only way she knew how – by taking a belt to her.  


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