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When I came to America, my heart opened

From Saigon to Lansing's Vietnamese Catholic Community - a refugee's story

With a smile as wide as the Upper Peninsula, Kinh Nguyen exclaims, “I love Michigan! My wife and I chose Michigan, specifically Lansing, because of Michigan State University. A former Catholic Vietnamese president lived and worked around there. I was very impressed with the education he witnessed, and wanted that for my children. We also had a friend, Dr. Trinh Nguyen, living here who could sponsor our family through the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops [USCCB].”

Natural Family Planning and NaPro saved Adrienne and Marcus' baby

“This has brought us so much closer,” says Marcus Wells. “We might not have seen it right away, but it definitely has.” His wife Adrienne adds, “It has helped us see what God is calling us to, honors the vows of our marriage, and allows us to be open to life.” The “this” to which they are referring is the practice of natural family planning, or NFP.

Matt Maher is bringing passion for music to FaithFest16

“I think it’s really cool that a diocese wants to have an all-day event to honor families,” says Matt Maher, Canadian-born Christian musician and headline performer at FaithFest16 on Saturday, June 25, 2016, at the St. Francis Retreat Center in DeWitt.

The singer and songwriter independently recorded his first album 15 years ago and landed a record contract in 2008. He has been nominated for eight Grammy awards.

Deacon Tom's hospital ministry is a 'liturgy of the bedside'

“Liturgy of the bedside” is how Tom Franklin, deacon at St. Mary in Chelsea, refers to hospital ministry. For him, hospital ministry is a passionate symphony of the co-mingling of faith and life with sickness, and possibly death. “Hospital ministry is a relational ministry, a ministry of encounter. It is making present the love and care of Jesus, in whatever guise he would be recognized by the patient,” he says.

'Overwhelmed by the value' of her Catholic education

Trudy's convictions never waver

Stepping into Trudy Ritter’s Ann Arbor home is stepping into history.

Born in 1929 in Reading, Pa., Trudy has seen the white smoke of eight newly elected popes, and lived through World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, 9/11, the first African-American president and more.

Through it all, she has remained devoted to the Catholic Church, its faith and its education.

Dr. Mona, the hero of the Flint water crisis

"I was just doing my job"

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, the hero of the Flint water crisis, has carved out 30 minutes from the onslaught of press events and public hearings. Stolen from her duties as Director of Hurley Medical Center’s Pediatric Residency Program and Associate Professor at Michigan State University’s Department of Pediatrics and Human Development, this interview time is precious.


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