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For Brig and Fran, Legatus is an opportunity to 'really listen to God's voice'

Ever been invited somewhere and felt it was exactly what you were looking for? That happened to Brig Sorber, one of the founders of Two Men and a Truck, and his wife, Francine. Brig had been a member of the Young Presidents Organization, a group of young CEOs who gathered regularly in Detroit to exchange business ideas and learn from each other. At 49, he aged out and expressed to his wife, Fran, a desire for a similar experience, but one that was faith-based.

50 years as a priest

FAITH's founding editor, Father Charles Irvin

May 1, 2017 – This is Father Dwight Ezop, and I am joined by Father Charles Irvin, and we are sitting here at his dining room table in his condominium on the grounds of St. Francis Retreat Center. We are anticipating Father Charlie’s 50th anniversary and ordination as a priest of the Diocese of Lansing.

Carl embraces both faith and science

Before 1665, people viewed sunlight as pure white. That year, Cambridge student Isaac Newton experimented with prisms to reveal there was more to sunlight than we had seen. In fact, by proving that all the colors of the rainbow reside in every ray of clear sunlight, Newton opened pathways to better understanding our world and universe. He literally took our thinking from black-and-white to technicolor.

Learning to trust God's call - Tyler's first year of seminary

Seminarian Tyler Arens is like most Catholics. That’s the first thing he wants you to understand. He always felt God calling out to him, but not in a “part the Red Sea, cast seven plagues” kind of way.

He attended the University of Michigan, took a job after graduation in 2008 in the Office of Financial Aid at Michigan State, bought a house, stocked it with cultural comforts and generally enjoyed his social life.


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