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Anna’s faith means taking ‘little steps building up to a better relationship with God’

Anna Dehnke likes to define missionary discipleship as “people putting themselves out there and letting God come help you do service – willingly. For me, missionary discipleship includes when people knock you down, demean you or call you weird for having faith and you just get back out there and continue doing service for God.”

For Troy, ‘receiving Jesus is simply the best part of Mass’

Asked to complete the sentence, “When I think of Jesus, __,” Troy Culver, a freshman at Northwest High School in Jackson, promptly replied, “I think of him as my big brother. He’s always there to talk to. I feel his presence, and the Holy Spirit, especially when I pray alone or am at adoration. It’s hard to explain how I feel but it’s like I’m complete.”

In Christian Family Movement, Brian and Mary Ann learned to 'step out in faith and trust God'

In 1989, as parents of four (soon-to-be-five) young children, the busyness of their young family was taking its toll on the marriage of Brian and Mary Thelen. When a bulletin announcement from St. Thomas the Apostle in Ann Arbor invited interested families to learn about the Christian Family Movement (CFM), Brian and Mary Ann decided to give it a try.


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