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On trip with N.E.W. Life Center to see Pope, Jay felt like "bursting for joy"

Jarius (Jay) Montgomery started life in Flint, one of 15 children in a household where no one went hungry, but money was tight.

“I remember my father struggling to get a mortgage after we could no longer afford the rent on our house. He and my mom got us ready and took us to a lender. They lined my brothers, sisters and I up in the waiting room chairs and we sat there quietly until someone agreed to see us. My parents walked out of that office with the loan for the house they still live in today.

Terry longs to visit home

Growing up in Ramallah, a city in the Palestinian territories that sits about 10 miles from Jerusalem, Terry Ahwal witnessed one atrocity after another.

A Palestinian Christian, Terry was born in 1956, and at the time, the city was 95 percent Christian; however the number of Christians has decreased drastically. 

What is it like today in the land where Christ was born?

Father Bill Turner shares his Holy Land experience

You have a passion for the Holy Land. Can you tell us about your involvement in Bethlehem?

First of all, I see the Holy Land as our mother Church – it is where the Church began. I always felt there was some deeper personal connection as well, but I didn’t know what it was until I had my DNA checked and discovered that I am 15 percent Arabic! As a Canon of the Holy Sepulchre, I belong to the Jerusalem Church as well as the Diocese of Lansing. Bethlehem is part of that Church.

‘The 33’ recounts the Chilean miner rescue

Deacon Greg Hall, who helped liberate the miners, talked to FAITH

“I kept thinking, ‘What would I do if that was my brother down there?’” says Deacon Greg Hall. “My faith affected the job. We realized the chance of being successful was very small. It was a job that had never been done before. It technologically could not be done. We were going to need the hand of God to be with us.”


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